Wonder World Website Presented by Island

When we originally designed Wonderhub’s new website last year, we focused on the goal of driving people in to their beautiful location on the banks of the South Saskatchewan river. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and they had to close their doors, they have done an incredible job creating videos and digital content. Unfortunately a pandemic wasn’t in the plans when we created the website, so Wonderhub and a huge library of content, but no ability to display it in an efficient, user-friendly manner. This lead to our latest collaboration: Wonder World.

Wonder World is a section on their website that allows children to visit different “Islands” (see what we did there) and view content related to the learning areas you’ll find inside the walls of the museum. Wonderhub is adding multiple pieces of content each day, all filterable by entering your child’s age, sorting by most popular, or visiting one of the many Islands. Kids can download activity sheets from Arts & Crafts Island, following along to a book on Storytime Island, or get up and move around the house while visiting Move and Groove Island.

Check out Wonder World by visiting wonderhub.ca/wonderworld. Make sure to explore all the Islands, visiting often to spot easter eggs, and make sure to share with kids and adults alike!