Wonder-site for Wonderhub

Part of our favourite thing about working on websites, is the range of businesses we get to learn about. And every now and then a site will come along that makes us feel like kids again.

From start to finish Wonderhub was a project that took us in lots of new and exciting directions. It started as any project, a new website, but quickly transformed into one of our most diverse collaborations so far. Our process started off with getting to know the Wonderhub team. We spent the discovery phase meeting and collaborating with Executive Director Amanda Reynolds and the rest of the incredible Wonderhub team. Their dedication and passion about this project was infectious and it was hard not to get excited about one of the coolest new family destinations in Saskatoon.

The creative team put together around this project included branding – and those awesome little Wondernauts – created by David Melashenko of David Melashenko Design + Advertising and Tim Neal of The Engagement Party, brand messaging and content strategy from Jess Remier of Paper Plane, and outstanding photography from Garrett Kendel of King Rose Visuals.

Garrett from King Rose Visuals, doing what needs to be done to get the perfect shot.

With such a talented team delivering us a great foundation of brand and assets, we put on our hard hats and dove into the design and development of the website.

Our designer, Cody Schumacher, took on the challenge of creating animations of the Wondernauts in exhibits you will find at Wonderhub.

The project was a lot of work, but we made sure to have some fun along the way. We had the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with the design genius Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. Toshiko is the person responsible for designing and creating the wickedly cool Cosmic Commotion climbing structure at Wonderhub – the first of its kind in Canada.

Our project rounded out with an evening as table sponsors at the What’s For Diner fundraiser event at the Saskatoon Inn. Check out our take on formal island wear – the theme was colour!

We even got to collaborate with Lazer Autobody on customized strider bikes. The team at Lazer took our abstract idea and two raw wood bikes and transformed them into two fully island customized bikes and pretty wicked silent action prizes.

Having been born and raised in Saskatoon, it was pretty incredible to capture the transformation of the former Mendel Art gallery into the new Nutrien Wonderhub. It was exciting to be able to take on a project that has had such a positive impact in our community and from a creative perspective it’s always fun to work with so many talented and passionate people. Can’t wait for the first Adult Night at Wonderhub, as I am still looking forward to having to the chance to climb on that Cosmic Commotion.

Had to be the ISLAND scene.

Visit wonderhub.ca